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Stay connected wherever you are with whoever you want, using Squad Locator. Build your Squad, add your friends and set its time limit (end time and date). Squad Locator allows you to track your friends via their phones, keeping your privacy and safety in mind by clearing all of the locations each Squad member has visited after the Squad’s session has ended, and by requiring a two-step authentication for adding new members. The two-step authentication is in place so that if your phone gets lost or used by someone else, new members cannot be automatically added to your Squad, therefore protecting yours and your Squad members’ location. The aim of Squad Locator is to make sure you don’t loose track of your friends while out and to keep your data and info safe. What you can do in Squad Locator: • Create a Squad, where for a set amount of time you can track the location of your friendsSquad members • Two-step authentication for adding new members to your Squad, in order to keep your locations safe from people you may not want knowing them • Nominate two admins to control the Squad and who can enter it. The person who sets up the Squad will automatically be one of the admins, and has the power to select another admin • Admins can easily remove someone from the Squad if necessary • Squad members can invite new members to the Squad, Admins will see the request and can approve or deny the new member access to the Squad • Send brief messages to your Squad members e.g. “I’m by the front door” • Send updates to your Squad members to let them know your status via an emergency button that allows you to notify them if you’re OK or not. You can choose from two options, “I’m OK” or “Help!”. The notifications for the “Help!” option makes all Squad members’ phones vibrate every 3 seconds until it is manually deactivated and set to “I’m OK” by the person sending out the alert. • Notifications, alerts and locations are updated at an impressive rate of every 30 seconds • The Squad Locator dedicated server checks all Squads several times per hour, and will automatically end any Squad that has gone past its duration as set by the Squad admin (in case everyone in the Squad falls asleep, for example) So, what is a ‘Squad’, you ask? A Squad is a group of people who are able to access each other’s GPS phone location for a pre-determined period of time. Keywords : GPS, locator, friend tracking, mapping, security, safety, status, emergency

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